"Visions of Paradise -  Art end Activism in time of crisis"

Visionary painting residence with Mark Henson

August 26 to August 30 - 5 days

The Galeria Somasoma and Mark Henson invite all the visionaries for an artistic journey in the ancestral Chapada dos Veadeiros, GO - Brazil, where we will have the opportunity to make a cultural exchange, seeking to actively manifest art in this moment of crisis and retrogression. Mark, an artist who carries the light of the 60s in his brushstrokes arrives to share the mysteries of his technique of painting in this small town of High Paradise that harbors the fruits of the fine-flower of the hippie movement.


Mark Henson is an internationally recognized North American painter, currently living in San Francisco, California. He has portrayed in his works moments that we seek to call Landscapes of the Spirit, Erotic Landscapes, Natural Landscapes, and Political Landscapes, with the objective of sensitizing the human being to challenges of the current life while pointing to a more peaceful and conscious society.

At the invitation of the Somasoma Gallery, Henson will come to the Central Plateau, one of the oldest and mystical lands on the planet to participate in the project: Visionary Art in the Heart of Brazil and will offer in parallel the "Visões do Paraíso" art residence. An immersion of 05 days guided by a master in visionary painting that proposes a deepening in the techniques and feelings and expression of the movement.

When asked about his inspirations and motivations Mark Henson emphasizes "that art may have the capacity to catalyze positive social and cultural change. In addition to stimulating our visual cortex, Art has the incredible magical power to evoke deep emotional intensities and to provoke intellectual thinking. My aspiration as an artist is to create compelling images of beauty and power that serve to promote our Conscious Evolution as human beings and to show us how to live in a peaceful world. To this end, I like to present images exploring themes such as Consciousness of Awakening, Divine Sexuality, Political Realities and Living in Harmony with Nature. "


Vernissage - Friday - 08/23/2019 (Free)

Opening Ceremony of Mark Henson's Exhibition:: "Visions of Paradise - Art, and Activism in Times of Crisis"

Presentation - Sunday 25/08/2019 (Free)

Open Lecture to the Public:: "Visions of Paradise - Art, and activism in times of crisis"

Day 01 - Monday - 08/26/2019 (Firts class day)

8 AM - Breakfast

10 AM - Introduction to Artistic Residence

12 AM - Lunch

2 PM - Lecture 01


Day 02 - Tuesday - 08/27/2019

8 AM - Breakfast

9 AM - Lecture 02

12 AM - Lunch

2 PM - Lecture 03 - outdoor painting


Day 03 - Wednesday - 08/28/2019

8 AM - Breakfast

9 AM - Day tour in Chapada dos Veadeiros


Day 04 - Thursday - 08/29/2019

8 AM - Breakfast

Free day - Nighttime activities

12 AM - Lunch

5 PM - Lecture 04 + JAM with Music

8 PM - Dinner at the Gallery


Day 05 - Friday - 08/30/2019

8 AM - Breakfast

10 AM - Lecture 05

12 AM - Lunch

2 PM - Completion of works

3 PM - Assembly of the collective exhibition

6 PM - Collective Vernissage

Total of 16 hours class - (techniques, compositions, perspectives, use of colors, elaboration of visionary contexts).

++ Painting in open field in the Chapada dos Veadeiros

++ Ecstatic dancing with Monti Moore

++ Bed and breakfast

++ Material Included (paint easel, canvas, oil paint, and necessary accessories)

+ Lunch not included





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